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Wedding Cake Toppers – Tradition vs Trend

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Wedding Cake Toppers – Tradition vs Trend

As Mary Poppins famously said “let’s start at the very beginning; it’s a very good place to start”! The beginning in this case takes us to the 1950’s in the United States. The very first cake toppers generally depicted the bridal couple dressed in traditional clothing – the bride in full veil with a long white gown and the groom in black dress suit.

Although tradition has been maintained, it has however evolved over time. Cake toppers can now be seen in all shapes and forms, which is quite exciting as they have now become part of the décor and theme of the wedding too. We thought we would share with you some of our favourite cake topper types and a bit about each one so here it goes…

Traditional with a Twist

It’s great to utilise the old school tradition of the couple alone however it’s always fun to add in a little twist which pertains specifically to your wedding – be it colour, theme or personality of the couple! These toppers still depict the couple in traditional wedding dress however the twist takes it away from the stiff or formal and towards the fun and personal. There is much fun to be had designing these – you can even create the faces to look just like yours!

A bit of Humour

A laugh a day keeps the doctor away – or is it an apple?! Should you be a couple with a wicked sense of humour then these toppers are just for you! Depicting either something specific like a hobby or just a circumstance, these toppers will get a guaranteed giggle from your guests!

Laser Cut Toppers

The best thing about laser-cut toppers is that they really add an element of romance to your special day. Your options are endless, from plain and simple ‘Love’ to ‘You’re my Greatest Adventure’, the bride and grooms names or initials…. any colour your heart desires and whatever font tickles your fancy.

Toppers may be for you or they may not, however this is an entertaining tradition that is definitely worth some thought.


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