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The question has been popped, the ring has dazzled your friends and family and the butterflies have settled. You’ve landed bottom first off cushy cloud nine.

Now what?

It’s wedding planning time! Some of you will be cheering with glee, clipboard in hand, colour schemes on the brain. But for others, you may already be feeling overwhelmed of what’s ahead of you.

Whether you’re a bride or groom zilla, don’t fret. PERLA Cakes, is taking one thing off your plate (well not your dessert plate). Yes, you’ve guessed it: the wedding cake, the crowning glory of your day.

After the dress (sorry grooms, a tux is just not that exciting) and the venue, your cake is the focal point of your wedding day. You might think that’s a slight exaggeration, but for many couples, their cake is so much more than a dessert.

Cutting it together, posing beside it, feeding each other the first sweet bite; it’s all part of the day’s romance. It doesn’t matter whether you’re getting married in a grand venue with 500 onlookers, or celebrating your nuptials in a cosy pub with good friends. The cake will be pictured and remembered by you for years to come.

So, here’s our guide to choosing your perfect wedding cake and making sure you’ve got the taste, size and style on point.

VENUE & MENU: Where and when you’re getting married can be a great inspiration for your wedding cake. Is it a grand hotel? A rustic barn? Similarly, the wedding breakfast you choose might influence the style and flavours of your grand dessert. While you might not want an overly themed wedding, keeping things consistent in terms of styling and colours looks elegant and sophisticated. We’d advise choosing your venue and menu before deciding on the final design of your cake. It doesn’t mean everything has to be matchy-matchy and conformist, but it does help you create the right design for your wedding cake masterpiece

EVERY PENY COUNTS: So how much should you be paying for your wedding cake? Well, how long is a piece of string people (what an annoying saying)? Our smallest wedding cakes start at around R1500 and can reach well over R7000. No matter what professional baker you choose, you will probably be paying more for this cake than any other sweet treat in your life. Why? Because you’re paying for the time, creativity, love and artistry that your professional pours into each of their creations. Always be honest with your cake maker about your budget.

WHEN DO I ORDER?: Book as early as you can to avoid disappointment. On average, most couples start their planning about a year in advance, so it’s a good idea to book as early as possible in the planning process.

Wedding cakes are very elaborate and highly specific, so you don’t want to settle for a second-rate cake for that big day. Contact your chosen bakery as soon as you can so you can discuss the finer details and find out if they can make what you’re looking for.

SIZE MATTERS: Your cake doesn’t have to be big enough to feed every single one of your wedding guests, especially if your parents invited an additional 304 people to witness your nuptials, but you do want it to make an impact.

So, before ordering your wedding cake, make sure you have an approximate idea of the number of guests (that you’re inviting, don’t wait for them all to RSVP before ordering!) so you can choose the right size. This will also give you an indication of price so you know what to budget for. With our range of cakes, couples tend to choose the three or four tiers when they have around 120 guests. We can supplement this with cupcakes or smaller cutting cakes if necessary. For a more intimate do, two tiers will do the job perfectly.

FLAVOUR: Did someone say fruit cake……zzzzzzz yawn. Yes, lots of couples do choose the traditional, heavy fruit cake for their wedding cake, but how many people actually like it? When was the last time you thought to yourself “Oooh I really fancy a piece of dense old stodgy fruit cake?”

As you know, we like to be different and if you’re looking for raisins, nuts and whatever else fills a fruity number, we’re not the crew for you 😉 We offer an an array of flavours including vanilla, chocolate, pink champagne, lemon, carrot, coconut, red velvet, white chocolate and marble.

CAKE DELIVERY: One thing to double check and triple check again is whether your chosen bakery can and will actually deliver your wedding cake to the right venue. Might sound silly but this has caught some couples out.            You might think you can save costs by picking up the cake yourself or getting someone you trust to do it, but have you really considered the logistical nightmare of transporting a three or four tier cake? Trust us, it’s tough. Most good wedding cake makers will deliver your cake depending on distance and notice period….And we do too.

GO GET MARRIED AND EAT THE CAKE!!!: Finally, one thing that always sends us crazy is when couples take all the time and care to order the most beautiful cake imaginable and then don’t even get to try it. So, in this final point, we just have one piece of advice: Enjoy your day and please please don’t forget to EAT THE CAKE!



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